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Who is JT Works LLC?

Precision. Meticulous. Honesty, reliability, and integrity. These are qualities that are sought after when homeowners look to hire a company to perform home improvements, renovations, or any other handyman services. Even if the task seems minor, when you are paying for it to be done, you want it done right! Especially when it comes to your biggest investment and asset: your home. It is incredibly frustrating when you hire a company to work on your home and when they are finished, all you have is a receipt showing you paid way too much for a mediocre level performance.  Instead, you want a company that instills confidence and assurance, leaving you with nothing but the utmost satisfaction at the completion of the job. This is where JT Works steps in and gives you that breathe easy feeling for the entirety of the project!

JT Works takes pride in the fact that we accept the smaller jobs that bigger companies won’t, and we not only take them on, but we pour so much meticulous attention into them that it leaves our customers in awe and wonder. Bigger companies may look at a smaller job and rush it because they view it as more of an inconvenience. Where we look at that same project and see an opportunity to immensely improve our customers’ day-to-day lives. For example, in some of our customer reviews for closet organization, they wrote “It tripled my storage space and was finished in a beautiful way” and “Great way to maximize space and keep things organized! Thank you again!” 

Master closet shelving

Shelving installed in garage

The following is a review for yet another seemingly small job but is a great example of our dedication to our customers’ needs, no matter how simple or unimportant it may seem “I kept getting lint build-up in my basement. Jarren came and he was able to replace parts and get it attached correctly! No more lint and dust taking over my basement. Both me and my vacuum are very happy about that!”  These small jobs had huge impacts on our customers’ daily lives and knowing how happy they were with our work, just solidified our companies’ principles even more.

You may be asking yourselves “Who is JT Works exactly?” JT Works is a family owned and operated business out of Manheim, Pennsylvania, that serves the greater Lancaster area. When you contact our business, you will most likely speak with Bob, our Customer Relations Manager, he takes the lead with scheduling and answering customer inquiries but will also assist as a technician on jobs. When speaking with Bob, you will never feel pressured or unwelcome. Instead, quite the opposite! Bob is always pleasant, patient, and understanding. So please rest assured that your inquiries will be heard and addressed in a way that makes you feel more like friends and family! Our Lead Technician is Jarren, who has experience working in multiple fields including agriculture, heavy equipment operation, residential construction, home flipping and renovations! His impressive resume started at the age of twelve when he began his professional journey as an apprentice under an experienced handyman. Jarren’s vast knowledge, coupled with his fun, bubbly, and social personality, makes him a pleasure to work with and his very presence gives you a sense of security that the job will be done beyond your expectations! A review written by a customer who hired JT Works for landscaping had this to say about Jarren “You do amazing work! Jarren has done so much for us, and we are continuing to work with him with our yard because he is meticulous, understanding, and extremely communicative! Highly Recommend.”

In conclusion, our hope after reading this introduction to JT Works, is that you will feel confident in choosing us to help you with your next home project! Big or small, we do it all! We promise to always perform on a job that guarantees your satisfaction, and we will not compromise our integrity and honesty to get the job done.


                Your Friendly Neighborhood Handyman, JT Works

Meet the team! Jarren (left) and Bob (right)

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Great people, and a great company. Highly recommend to anyone.

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